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On-Demand talent can deliver transformative benefits to your organization, we are here to help you tap into this powerful resource

What we do at StaffCluster

StaffCluster works with top enterprises over the long term building up top performing teams that scale up or down. We offer a ‘no strings attached’ trial period to decide whether the freelancer meets the company needs, we build up teams, we swap out members, we fill positions for specific projects and can expand team capabilities during crunch times.

Enterprises are engaging on-demand, expert intelligence to reclaim time, drive innovation, and rethink what is possible

We believe that the process needs to be agile

#1 Priority

Quality - we strive to ensure that our freelancers are the best out there

Purpose driven  social development connecting people and tackling future challenges 

Our Strength

Building long term relationships, driving towards a sustainability and our strong entrepreneurial management team

We live by our mission that together we are stronger and teamwork is the foundation of our success

What drives us

Technology, building connections and social development with impact! 

Our Leadership includes some of the most innovative and experienced executives in the technology industry


Join the best and brightest who are working to build the greatest external tech talent company in Europe.

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Digital transformation and the adoption of enterprise cloud based technology is central to success in a digital economy. StaffCluster as a marketplace for technology certified freelancers will be fundamental in providing skilled technical resources to manage the span of technologies.

According to various studies over 60% of CIOs state that a skills shortage is holding them back with more than half feeling that developing or acquiring new skills is a priority
Organizations are likely to have a core of full-time employees backed up by flexible external talent that can work on projects with specific outcomes and objectives


Agility is what the market requires today based upon the speed of innovation and the intense competition. Enterprises that can build blended teams incorporating external talent have the ability to tackle these issues and need to tap into a marketplace of external talent that has been vetted and are ready to get started.

What is a blended workforce?

Building a blended workforce composed of individuals working together, primarily made up of freelancers as the external talent hired for a project on a temporary basis working together with internal staff.

Adoption of freelance talent and the shift toward remote teams

External talent can be remote or virtual workers working as a distributed team from different geographic locations. With new workplace innovations being readily adopted due to the Covid19 pandemic, blended workforce development is being seen across all industries making this even more possible.

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