It’s all about learning by doing

StaffCluster offers graduate programs, scholarships and mentorship programs that will lead towards empowering the next generation of tech leaders

Experience is essential to development

Opportunities are often only provided to individuals with a proven track record and work experience. But how do you get work experience when you can't get the job. We offer exciting graduate programs and mentorship programs.

Three challenges
One to two years
An incredible experience

Graduate Program

Graduates will gain all the skills and knowledge needed to build a successful career in technology. With each assignment, graduates will gain a deep insight of technology in business, invaluable experiences and lasting contacts

  • At the start of the program, graduates are assigned a personal mentor
  • We look for people who want to take on the challenges of tomorrow
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Mentorship program

Mentoring can be life changing and deliver a purpose that offers great fulfillment. Providing an opportunity for guidance and support, helping people figure out the best path forward and to give back by providing insight from experience. We offer plenty of mentoring opportunities to our network and for companies to participate in growing an abundance of necessary tech skills and abilities

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Merit-based scholarships

Our scholarship program is based on merit and will be awarded to the disadvantaged. Whether ethnicity, background, financial reasons just don't allow for opportunities or when it comes to empowering females in tech, StaffCluster will provide unique opportunities to develop, learn and grow, for applicants that have the aptitude, merit and fortitude to succeed.

At StaffCluster we believe that investing in future generations will create a truly sustainable cycle of social development.

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